Explorer Funding    sab 09/12/2023 09:23:25 UTC
Payments may only be made in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin in any amount.
Funding includes a full time coind (wallet node) as well as the explorer.
The payment will be applied proportionately according to the best rate category it qualifies for, using Bittrex market data. (Note: a 'month' is calculated as 30.4375 days.)
Recent summaries of Bittrex market data may be seen for  BTC,  LTC,  Doge,  and  USDT. Actual rates used will be those in effect at the time a payment is applied.
After making a payment, please send a message to the site administrator to make sure it gets applied.
Record typeDateDays FundedNotesValues
Funding Time Leftsab 09/12/2023 09:23:25 UTC-631.28 (expired) 
Payment Address  bitcoin:  378FcGLHpLDB3vd8mXDCb177bS9n1VB97g 
Payment Address  litecoin:  M9mZerjTBjUa1Ncm5a2dS5QppgVpuGy9fx 
Payment Address  dogecoin:  D8gT95FwNFTASdceGNYASfYmSgZKa5pj4w 
Billing Ratelun 14/03/2022 23:19:54 UTC daily:   us$0.12
weekly:   us$0.75
monthly:   us$3.00
Administrative Fundinglun 14/03/2022 23:20:30 UTC3.14
ven 18/03/2022 02:42:06 UTC
ended 631.28 days ago
PI day