Explorer Funding    sab 02/07/2022 02:45:42 UTC
Payments may only be made in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin in any amount.
The payment will be applied proportionately according to the best rate category it qualifies for, using Bittrex market data.
A recent view of Bittrex market data may be seen at this page.
After making a payment, please send a message to the site administrator to make sure it gets applied.
Record typeDateDays FundedNotesValues
Funding Time Leftsab 02/07/2022 02:45:42 UTC-106.005 (expired) 
Payment Address  bitcoin:  3HjASQAPM8G3RS7hSHCkTyNehFJMzTdrvq 
Payment Address  litecoin:  MMEuMZG5Qn8CXesfk79nqUqM3DqN6oxrdF 
Payment Address  dogecoin:  DEdw9NXCzV8DmjkR8jBwaQe9ACSAG4trVf 
Billing Ratelun 14/03/2022 23:17:13 UTC daily:   us$0.12
weekly:   us$0.75
monthly:   us$3.00
Administrative Fundinglun 14/03/2022 23:17:28 UTC3.14
ven 18/03/2022 02:39:04 UTC
ended 106.00 days ago
PI day