Demo Mode (slow updates, not fully accessible):  This site is willing to provide full block explorer and coin node service for a monthly fee dependent on blockchain size and number of transactions.
Payable in major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, and DOGE. Look for the $ symbol at the bottom of this page.
Explorer Funding    Wed Nov 30 2022 05:05:58 UTC
Payments may only be made in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin in any amount.
The payment will be applied proportionately according to the best rate category it qualifies for, using Bittrex market data.
Recent summaries of Bittrex market data may be seen for  BTC,  LTC,  Doge,  and  USDT. Actual rates used will be those in effect at the time a payment is applied.
After making a payment, please send a message to the site administrator to make sure it gets applied.
Record typeDateDays FundedNotesValues
Funding Time LeftWed Nov 30 2022 05:05:58 UTC-19326.21 (expired) 
Billing RateSun Jun 12 2022 21:08:44 UTC daily:   us$0.50
weekly:   us$1.75
monthly:   us$6.00
Payment Address  bitcoin:  3A3bZSTpt7vKS1pv2ZXi7JCfoBvQpg77VU 
Payment Address  litecoin:  MVnsz1ovbVGeNL8R89CYY6yLpCCdfUGjbq 
Payment Address  dogecoin:  DG9egg42JfkoFQ25R8mPkGRW5UB63G9F48