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Thu, 04 Jan 2024 14:54:10 GMT
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is worth
Binance43753.1500000042000.0000000052345.3150100043601.4600000043601.4700000043601.47000000   USDT+3.1426 %
Binance643.91500322664.0106241747488.94400000660.50198151660.06600660659.63060686   LTC+99.9998 %
Binance19.1131498519.4174757344178.9318000019.2566917019.2529842119.25298421   ETH+99.7300 %
C-Patex43725.5270100041858.18540000 43602.9392700043611.6607300043605.90000000   USDT