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The Iquidium Blockchain Explorer Hosting - a heavily modified variant of Iquidus Explorer

  • Features of Iquidium include pretty charts, transaction input tracebacks, and annotated raw transaction dumps.
    Labels may be given to addresses for mining pools, exchanges, and other addresses of special interest.
    We are not equipped to handle labelling of everyone's personal addresses.

  • International language support is available, our first attempt is using the Italian language.
    Please contact us with language corrections, Google Translate was the source of the initial translation.
    If you wish to contribute another language, start by checking out this page.

  • Most of the explorers indexed at this site were merely used as test data since their block chains represent quirks and/or features or murky history that seemed interesting.
    Timely updating and full access to the test explorers is restricted since they are not financially supported.

  • Please contact us if you wish to finance the hosting of an Iquidium explorer for your favourite coin.
    With financed hosting of an explorer, a full node coin daemon is also hosted and a logo link placed on the right side of this page.





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